Tyres, Exhausts and Batteries

Tyres, Exhausts and Batteries

The obvious signs when your tyre needs replacing are:

  • There is not enough tread depth
  • You can see the tyre is perishing and cracking
  • You can see bulges and blisters
  • There is a hole in your tread
  • You may experience the drive is a little shaky
  • Or if your tyre is very old

We supply and fit tyres of all sizes for most vehicles along with providing a four wheel laser alignment. So please enquire to have your tyres inspected.

A damaged or blown exhaust can make your car sound increasingly noisier, you may notice a slight degrade in engine power – not to mention the extra waste emissions your car will produce. We can inspect which section of the exhaust will need replacing – and provide the supply and fitment.

We also supply and fit new batteries to almost all vehicles – send a message if you need us to look at your battery.


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